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"Things are easy when you're big in Japan"

~Shall I stay here at the zoo.. or perhaps change my point of view...~

The Official Jin Uzuki Fan Community
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Welcome to the Jin Uzuki Fan Community. This community is to spread the Jin Uzuki, Loincloth-wearing love. For all of you who are not aware. Jin Uzuki is from the video game Xenosaga II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose (The Will to Power) and he is the creative property of Monolith. (If he was my property, well you guys don't want to know what I would do with him.. *evil*)

This community is for anything Jin, be it fics, fanart, icons, pictures, drabbles, general commentaries on the game, discussions of Jin's character in game, speculations and comparisions between Citan Uzuki from Xenogears and Jin Uzuki from Xenosaga. Bring it on. We dare you. (Oh yes, Loincloth discussions and debates are encouraged, in fact we'd be happy for a good loincloth debate.)

And yes we -are- yaoi friendly too. (Though we respect the het pairings too... after all that is how little Uzuki's get born)

However if you are going to post -anything- graphic (of a yaoi or hentai nature) concerning the captain turned doctor turned bookseller, then please use a LJ-cut. We don't want to make Baby Shion cry after all. That would make her (and us) sad.

And on a last note. Please no flame wars over pairings and the whatnot. We are all adults here, remember.. WWJD (Not Jesus.. Jin.. duh)


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