In the Eleventh Hour

Title: In the Eleventh Hour
Author: celesterose
Summary: Two former lovers hold a conversation before the events of Also sprach Zarathustra.
Rating: PG-13
Characters or Pairing: Jin/Pellegri
Spoilers: Slight foreshadowing for the third game.
AN's: I wrote this awhile back, and I never got around to posting it...  I come bearing gifts. 
Disclaimer: Namco owns them.   
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Zoicite☆For all I carry are murdered


I had to make it.. I did I did. the only picture of YOUNG JIN from the game. *teehee* And Young!Jin happens to be my favorite just because of the arrogance that he just BLEEDS.

These three icons are the only Jin icons I need.

| |

Because Jin has only four expressions as seen in Xenosaga III.

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There may be errors and whatnot, but that's what I get for watching TV and writing at the same time... XD
Stephanie Morgan, Citrine (c) to me, blah, blah blah...
And keep in mind, I'm just doing this for fun...critizising my work will be like me watching golf on TV...XD But feel free to comment on it!

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So tell the truth, will Jin like the little kitten? Is Stephanie right when she says that Citrine will be a great addition to the bookstore?

You never know.... XD

Come on...comments would be nice... ;_;
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I thought I was the only one who loved Jin Uzuki as much as I do!

*happy giggle*

Does it count that I'm currently writing a fic where Jin finds an abandoned cat...that just happens to bring him good luck, even though the cat is a 3 year old black cat?

*shifty eyes*
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Jin! <3

Hallo! I am Nico-chan! (You may simply call me Nico; but the Great Nico-Chan will also suffice.)

I have recenetly discovered Xenosaga, and thus found love for every single character, and idea, that Xenosaga ever created. (...Huh?)

Which, in turn, obviously means I love Jin! Don't we all?
He's cute. I've failed to retrieve the mystic loincloth yet, however.
What else....what else...

Ah yes. I write fanfiction. I also drabble. I've been in a rather large writing slump for quite sometime now, but still I've tried to dish something out for you. (I hate joining a community empty handed.) Critisicm is welcome, of course. I can only better myself with good critiscm. (Those praise is nice too, hah hah!)

I've beaten both Xenosaga 1 and 2, my favorite character is probablly Shion. (Though Capt.Matthews also receieves much love.) I'm a fan on the Shion/Jin family relationship to.

I ship: Jin x chaos, Jin x Caanan x chaos, Jin x Margulis (Come on, he's not pretty, but they have so much rival tension!)

Yeah, I'm a yaoi lovin' guy. ^^() Though Jin x Pellegri COULD be interesting....dispite my not seeing much of the Xenosaga Anime yet. How much Jin is in it?

That's the extent of it...I think. Heh. Well, enough shamlessness. Please, enjoy the drabble.

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Hi! *waves*

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Wow. Talk about weird. I was looking for pictures on Google Image Search just to find out what color eyes Jin has for my Jin LJ icon set that I'm making (to match my Jin background!), and the official avatar of this group turned up on page one. So, I clicked on it and was taken to the guild, and so I joined.
How can you not love a guy who the first you really see of him is when he jumps out of his A.G.W.S and chops a robot/another A.G.W.S. thing in two, and also runs a bookstore? I laughed at the part when Shion's berating him for the switch from doctor to used book seller. Oh, yeah. That's the first "Jin mood set" Icon. Maybe I can submit them to LJ for everybodys use! (I don't have paid, but there's a way that I made it look like a genuine mood set).
I'm also a Ziggy fan (Ziggy is so underloved), but the Ziggy fan community hasn't been posted in since June!
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you need wings to fly

Uhm hi?

*shuffles in meekly* Hey. I'm Liebchen, also known as Chibi. It is nice to know that there are other Jin fans. I thought I was the only one who loved him! ;_;
I am also a Yaoifangirl. Give me Jin x Canaan, Jin x chaos and I'll be a very happy Chibi! ^o^
And the famous loincloth... well, I just started the whole thingy AFTER beating the final boss. TT Let's just say, I've got a long hard road ahead of me. BUT! For the ones who are doing the quest, and haven't beaten Margulis yet... I have a tip? Want me to share? ^^; It'll be a great help. ^^
Oh and I live in germany. So... if there are any gramma and other mistakes in future posts, I apologize before handed.

Oh, I'm also looking for avas. Any XSII Jins and/or chaos will do. Thank you. ^^
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I'm Sereith. I just got an lj to join this community (as well as many others XD)<3. I managed to aquire Xenosaga Ep II recently started playing it since my exams are over and now on a quest to get his loincloth.