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Re-done! - "Things are easy when you're big in Japan" [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Re-done! [Oct. 12th, 2006|08:11 pm]
The Official Jin Uzuki Fan Community
[mood |boredbored]

There may be errors and whatnot, but that's what I get for watching TV and writing at the same time... XD
Stephanie Morgan, Citrine (c) to me, blah, blah blah...
And keep in mind, I'm just doing this for fun...critizising my work will be like me watching golf on TV...XD But feel free to comment on it!

Sighing as he moved toward his antiquing shop Jin Uzuki sighed again as he continued on

down the path, he stopped every once in a while to enjoy nature. As he neared his

bookstore, he froze as he heard a rattling nearby in an old log. With his hands on his

swords, Jin made his way over to the log and as he neared it, he heard a soft "meeewl..."

that made him pause. He then gently rolled the log over, until a tiny black kitten, no

more than three, rolled out of the log, chain wrapped around it's tiny throat. "Well,

how'd you get in there, little fella?" He said, reaching for the kitten, who backed away

slightly with a soft mewl of terror. "How do, Jin!" A female voice called out, as his co-

worker and friend, Stephanie Morgan then walked over to him. She then brushed aburny

brown hair behind her head when she said: "What'cha got there?". "Little abandoned

kitten.." Jin said, as Stephanie then picked up the kitten and wiggled her finger in front

of the kitten's nose, causing it to bat at her finger cutely. "...I have not a clue who'd

do something to him. Come on...". As the two finally reached his bookstore, and started

to turn all the electrical things on, Stephanie was purely taken with the adoreable black

kitten. "I still say you should keep him, Jin!" She said, giggling at the kitten batting

at her hair. "..he'd make a lovely addition to the bookstore!". "KEEP him?!" Jin

said, as Stephanie grinned sheepishly. "...you say that about ALL the animals I find,

Steph!". "Well, can I help it if I think you'd make a great pet owner?" She grinned,

glancing at him, as Jin finished wrapping the kitten's wounds. "There." Jin sighed, as he

then glanced at the kitten, who playfully bat at one of his hairs as he leaned down to

check the kitten over. "What'cha going to call him, Jin?" Stephanie asked, rubbing the

kitten. "Call him??" Jin said, glancing at an innocently grinning Stephanie. "....you

will not quit, will you? Well, I guess if I'm going to keep him, I better give him a

name. Hmmm...what about Citrine?". "Cit---wha?" Stephanie said, poking her head into the

room, shirt already covered in dust from her dusting the bookshelves in the back. "His

name is Citrine!" Jin said again, glancing at her. "Aww, Citrine is CUTE name!" Stephanie

said, sneezing as some of the dust irritated her nose. "Bless you." Jin said, as Citrine

then leapt up from the counter and curled up on his shoulder, purring softly as he went to sleep.

So tell the truth, will Jin like the little kitten? Is Stephanie right when she says that Citrine will be a great addition to the bookstore?

You never know.... XD

Come on...comments would be nice... ;_;